Colouring Services in Tauranga

  • Regrowth Colour from  $80
  • T section Retouch from $55
  • Quarter head Foils Short/Medium length  from  $55
  • Quarter head Foils Long   from $70
  • Half head Foils Short from   $110
  • Half head Foils Long from   $120
  • Full head Foils Short/Medium length  from  $150
  • Full head Foils Long from   $180
  • Global Demi Colour std   from $90
  • Mens colour service    $45 -$55

* Extra charges may apply for extra product needed for thicker & extra long hair.

** Many more colour services available in-salon, this is meant as a basic guide only.

We use only professional product companies who care for the environment and waste as well as Your Hair

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