Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions in Tauranga

Hair Extensions Tauranga

The brands that we stock are Great Lengths and Superior Hair.  Whether your wanting to add volume, length or both this is the way to do it instantly.

We provide free consultations which are necessary to recommend, colour match and quote to best suit your individual needs.

Free 15 minute consultations are recommended to check suitability of hair and to colour match hair before ordering, A quote for extension work can be given at this time.

  • We use a hot bonded method of application where 100% human hair is molded in strands to your own hair.
  • Perming is not recommended with the hair extensions. Pre curled extension are available however.
  • Any colour work should be completed 1-2 weeks prior to or after application.
  • Weak, over processed hair is unsuitable for extension work.
  • A Hair cut might be necessary prior to extension application to remove weight areas and remove split ends to ensure a better blend between natural hair and new hair. If this is required an extra fee above the extension cost will be charged.
  • It is recommended that hair be freshly washed prior to application as the you will not be able to wash your hair for two days after application. (Bonds can take this long to fully harden off.)

Extension cost:

(per packet including application)

  • Great lengths from $126 (10’s)
  • Superior hair from $150 (25’s)

Maintenance visits are:

  • ½ hr maintenance $45
  • 1hr maintenance $85

* $100 deposit is required before your extensions are ordered. (allow 2-3 days for hair delivery)

Now offering Tape In hair extensions. These are ideal for clients with shorter hair, that are unable to afford the cost of bonded extensions but also a fast comfortable method of application for all clients. Light weight, smooth on the scalp, faster application time and convenient way to add length and volume to hair.

  • Price $100 per pack


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